Microscale Helm’s Deep

This miniature Helm’s Deep from Tolkien’s The Two Towers is impressive in its level of detail. George G has captured the towering might of this mountain stronghold, and it looks ready to be defended until dawn. All it needs now is a retinue of Rohirrim to guard its walls, and a few ten-thousands of miniature orcs to assault it. Hmm, now it makes me want to go watch the films again…

LEGO Micro Helm's Deep

3 comments on “Microscale Helm’s Deep

  1. mjfirefly76

    watch the films? read the books! fantastic, love it, wonder if he’s working on Minas Tirath or Isengard…

  2. Chris Post author

    I love both the films and the books, and have read/watched each many times. But it’s been longer since I’ve seen the films than since I’ve read the books, so this made me want to go watch them again.

  3. Eric at A Lego A Day

    This really is a remarkable build. Instantly recognizable even at such a small scale.

    I’d love to see all the major structures. As mentioned above, Minas Tirith and Orthanc would be awesome.

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