The ladies of LEGO space

We featured the LEGO-inspired artwork of the Surma Bros. back in June. Marcin and Przemek post stylized versions of classic LEGO sets every Sunday.

LEGO fans have bemoaned the dearth of female LEGO minifigs over the years. In the past, each LEGO theme usually included just one woman — a world I wouldn’t want to live in, but appealing to 9-year-old boys, I suppose. One of the Surma Bros’ latest drawings features all of the ladies of the LEGO Space themes over the years, including Classic Space, M-Tron, Exploriens, and Ice Planet 2002.

Sur m'ale Gobros (xulm) -- Space Babes!

Speaking of Ice Planet 2002, Marcin and Przemek also posted a beautiful poster highlighting this much-maligned and belatedly loved theme.

Sur m'ale Gobros (xulm) -- Ice Planet

4 comments on “The ladies of LEGO space

  1. Paganomation

    Did folks really hate on Ice Planet 2002? I always remember thinking that theme was pretty cool, pun partially intended.

  2. Modok

    Speaking of the lack of female minifigs, Alatriel has a great Cuusoo project that addresses that exact subject. Her Female Minifigure Sets feature small, affordable vignettes with women in non-stereotypical professions, along with extremely cool buildable elements.

    Check ’em out here, and please support her worthy project!:

  3. proudlove

    Yay, I love those guys. Beautiful art in its own right, with content featuring my favourite toy no less.

  4. Andrew Post author

    @Modok: Promoting unrelated CUUSOO projects in comments really isn’t why we have open comments on our posts — whether deserving or not. ;-)

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