Lemon_Boy Fan_Boy

I think it is a safe bet for me to say that Erik (Lemon_Boy) is one of my favourite builders on Flickr. I have an odd fascination with his work. Perhaps it is his complete lack of fear towards studs, or possibly his courageous use of colour combinations, most definitely his affinity for realistic scale…and his mildly sarcastic descriptions certainly do always give me a good chuckle. But the fact of the matter is, I feel he is a builder that really doesn’t receive the props he deserves. And I am one to talk because I don’t comment on his photos nearly as much as I should…I bloody well spend enough time browsing his stream :D

So to make up for my lack of effort in giving praise, I figured I would feature some of my favourites from his recent works.


objekt 8 "PROBOKATOR"

Express to Organa Major

hull downnn

So if you haven’t already, please peruse Erik’s photostream…it is thoroughly good!

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