I am familiar with the mecha designs from Armored Trooper VOTOMS despite having never seen the anime. It is on my “to watch” list…but in the meantime I will just swoon over this brilliant LEGO model of the Scopedog by Brickshelf user tattun.

You simply have to check out the full photo gallery!!! There is a staggering amount of detail and additional equipment that tattun has integrated into this. Absolutely brilliant work!!!

Huge thanks to FateHeart for the link. I tend not to visit Brickshelf very often, so would have surely missed this had you not sent it to me!!

EDIT: There are just so many brilliant photos of the model, that I just had to add a few more :)

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  1. Mad Czech

    Votoms is one of my favorite series. I find it more realistic than most mecha shows – it really is _hard SF_. I have a bunch of the plastic models sitting on a shelf at home – they’ve been waiting for me to put them together for about ten years now.

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