Olivia’s House 2.0

A while back, I reviewed Olivia’s House for the Friend’s line. I mentioned then that I might just have an infatuation with the new line, and I’m pretty sure that’s still true.

At the time I reviewed the set, I enjoyed the functionality of it, and was inspired to build something similar. What came of that inspiration was Olivia’s House 2.0.

My main goal for this was to have it come apart, just like the set, though mine admittedly goes back together just one way. I kept some aspects of the original set, too, like parts and designs from the bathroom and kitchen, and the design of some of the extra pieces.

The whole thing ends up being six rooms with two major hallways and a grand staircase, along with an attic. I had a ton of fun building this, getting everything to look exactly how I envisioned it. Eight months to finish it.

You can see more pictures of each individual room and module, along with some of the different smaller builds, in my flickr gallery.

1 comment on “Olivia’s House 2.0

  1. Jean C

    Very nice… as a practical house layout, though, it might have been better to swap the studio and the bathroom. The bathroom on a different level to the bedrooms, and entered through the kitchen at that, is a little unusual.

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