Real World Starfighter Contest winners announced

Those of you that have been around the community long enough, may remember a contest that ran many moons ago… :P


Well after some very lengthy deliberation, we have finally narrowed down the entries to declare the 3 winners!

1st Place
Shannon Ocean’s Boeing C-15 "Strike Eagle" with a score of 175/200

2nd Place
Mainman’s Project HAVE SHIVER with a score of 169/200

3rd Place
Pierre E Fieschi’s 1973 ‘HERCULES’ Nuke Platform with a score of 168/200

We scored a total of 11 entries in our semi-finalist round. These were the other 8 semi-finalists:

4th- Halfbeak’s Moonrock 1 with 157/200
5th- Ted Andes’ Gladius with 156/200
6th- Fernald’s Solid Fuel Starfighter with 155/200
7th- xiei22’s Pilum with 153/200
8th Brainbikerider’s Chernobog with 152/200
9th Lego Junkie’s Soyuz 7-K12 with 150/200
10th madLEGOman’s Spaceghost with 149/200
11th bloei’s ISF Zodiac with 143/200

To say that the judges were impressed with both the quantity, but more importantly the QUALITY of the entries is an understatement. You didn’t make it easy on any of us to judge, but you also all made it extremely fun to watch!

So a huge CONGRATS to the winners, and also to all that participated! Also a giant thank you to all the judges, and especially Stijn and More Bricks for the prize sponsorship!

Peter and I have already talked about this becoming a recurring contest…it was just an absolute hoot to be a part of!