Life Below – subterranean post-apoc

We’ve seen a lot of survivor camps and up-armored pickup trucks from ApocaLEGO builders over the years, to the point that we’ve sort of stopped paying attention to the genre. Dillon (Pendragon) takes post-apocalyptic LEGO in an unexpected but completely believable direction — underground.

Life Below

Dillon’s diorama features complex subterranean landscaping that incorporates salvaged structures and even a partially collapsed cavern.

3 comments on “Life Below – subterranean post-apoc

  1. Shuppiluliumas

    This MOC was part of a large collaborative display at BrickFair 2012. Chris Edwards has pictures of the whole thing here.

  2. DFOL

    The beautifully made caves posted on Brothers Brick are just a tiny slice of a delicious cake. I just had a look at the collaborative display mentioned above, and it is truly an astonishing scene. My compliments to all the builders who participated on this great project!

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