Hello from Canada...eh!

Hello fellow LEGO maniacs!!!! To say that I am excited to be a part of The Brothers Brick is an understatement. TBB has been my daily dose of LEGO news and models for years now, so I am absolutely pumped to now be a part of it.

To introduce myself, the name is TR Brownridge, but you can call me Tromas…or TR…whichever you would prefer really. I stem from the Great White North that is Canada. When it comes to LEGO, for me it is all about playing and most importantly FUN!!! Those of you who know me from flickr will know that I am just as happy building something for either of my two sons as I am for myself, and even when I do build it ‘for them’…they have to fight me to play with it.

I tend to build primarily in the space/sci-fi theme…

LAD-nT Element

but have been known to dabble in other genres as well…

Brickton Motors - Kanin Turbo

So long story short, I am so unbelievably happy to be here, and so very, very excited for things to come!!!

13 comments on “Hello from Canada...eh!

  1. ted @ndes

    Awesome. It’s always nice to see my favorite builders added as contributors to TBB. Look forward to seeing the interesting things that catche your eye.

  2. Lego Junkie

    Congrats Tromas! I can’t think of anybody who deserves the spot more!
    I look forward to seeing what you find to post!

  3. si-mocs

    Wow! Congrats Tromas!
    I can’t think of a better representative to us igloo folks up north.

  4. Curtis

    well awesome! I hadn’t been to TBB in a while, and I noticed a couple of the recent articles were posted by you. Had no idea you were a part of the brothers brick now, congratulations Tromas!

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