10224 Town Hall out now + free shipping & double VIP points [News]

I realize that the release of 10224 Town Hallicon isn’t news to many of you (I’ve been on vacation), but the LEGO Shop online is also having a double VIP points promotion through March 15, and today through the end of the month you’ll get free shipping on all orders over $75.


If you buy the Town Hall between now and the 15th, you’ll get 399 VIP points.

FREE Shipping on all LEGO Shop orders of $75 or more!  Valid through 3.31.12

4 comments on “10224 Town Hall out now + free shipping & double VIP points [News]

  1. Fred

    That’s what I have been waiting for. I nearly bought one the day it came out but the shipping costs was enough to make me hold off. Funny how sensitive the market can be.

  2. mgaffn1

    It’s a heck of a deal.
    But internet shoppers beware: I placed my order today via lego.com & the “free shipping” did not register. I had to call Lego later in the day to get the situation straightened out.
    So double check your bill!

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