The best Technic arm...hands down.

Max Shepherd, a biomedical engineering major, doesn’t normally build with LEGO but when he does, it is really awesome. This fully articulated technic arm is quite incredible. I’m really impressed at how well it mimics the range and motion of a human arm and hand.

I also found this quote rather interesting.

I started following some Lego blogs, and realized that with the new stuff out (power functions, linear actuators, more connectors), there was a real opportunity to do something new.

It would be cool to know which blogs he has been following. I know we don’t highlight as much Technic, Power Functions and Mindstorms items as we should, but the blogs that do cover such things are quite good.

Read the entire story here.

8 comments on “The best Technic arm...hands down.

  1. mephistopheles

    Can’t stop thinking about a Big bang Theory episode when Howard build a robot arm “cause that was all he needed” ;)

  2. searme

    Of course he was following TechnicBRICKs, what else is there to follow? He sure as Hell didn’t realize that following TBB, because you guys shun the Evil Technic :P

  3. gambort

    ^ Aren’t you lucky the internet is large enough to support a blog just for technic :P

    TBB doesn’t have to blog everything good. We try to pick good technic creations but, frankly, none of us have much expertise in it. On occassions Peer Kreuger has kindly provided guest reviews to me and I’m open to the prospect of others.

  4. searme

    Oh I know, I know. Personally, I prefer it when you shun Technic than when you call it modded Black Cat at random :P

  5. Josh Post author

    @searme – TechnicBricks is awesome and I’m sure that is one that he was following. However, there are a ton of others as well and the article referred to multiple blogs. I was just curious. It would have been nice to be able to give a shout out to the actual sites.

  6. Jetro

    According to Max Shepherd himself in a comment on TechnicBRICKs, the blogs he follows are TechnicBRICKs and Tinkernology.

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