Buildings instructions for Martin Latta’s ARC-170 starfighter

If you enjoyed Martin Latta’s ARC-170 starfighter, you can now build your own thanks to the instructions posted by the builder. It’s rare that a builder takes the time to make instructions for models and shares them with the public. Even if you don’t plan on reconstructing the model, it can still be rewarding to peruse the building techniques used on a great model.


2 comments on “Buildings instructions for Martin Latta’s ARC-170 starfighter

  1. worker201

    I just read through these instructions, and they are amazing. I don’t think I can afford to build this model, because it would involve some obsessive Bricklinking, but I am glad for the opportunity to view the techniques, many of which are pretty clever. Especially the thing with the rubber bands – I’ve used this technique before, but not using those parts. I definitely appreciate this effort.

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