LEGO free shipping extended, 2012 NinjaGo out now [News]

The LEGO Shop online has extended its free shipping (with guaranteed delivery before Christmas) several more days, through December 18. They’ve also reduced the minimum purchase from $99 to $49.

Receive FREE Shipping on any order of $99 or more.  Valid thru 12.13.11

And since I missed it earlier, NinjaGo gets a refresh in 2012 with a bunch of funky sets, which are all out a few weeks early.


2 comments on “LEGO free shipping extended, 2012 NinjaGo out now [News]

  1. rushiosan

    I really like these new ninja helmets and the technology added to ninja gear, but the rest of the line, overall, isn’t as great as the first one. What’s with these snakes, staves and fang-suei characters? They seem very non-sense to me… and the round 1×1 plates without studs are getting overused.

    Anyway, I’m grabbing them for new ninjas :D

  2. Lyichir

    First of all, Fang-Suei is only the name of one of the snakes; the snakes in general are just called “Serpentine”. In my opinion they’re awesome, ESPECIALLY because of the awesomely-designed snake vehicles. And you’re expecting Ninjago to make sense after the first year of technologically-advanced skeleton warriors? Honestly, Ninjago seems to run largely on Rule of Cool ( That’s why I’m fairly sure the only qualifier to be a Ninjago villain is that you’d make an awesome tattoo.

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