Excellent Boeing 314 “Yankee Clipper” Replica

This wonderful vintage plane has been recreated by Nick Dean (aka -NickD-). The Boeing 314 is one of the beautiful airplanes from an era when flying still had a romantic flair, and the world was shrinking due to the incoming rapidity of long-distance travel. Nick’s model is of a specific Boeing 314, the “Yankee Clipper” which flew for Pan-Am starting in 1939.

Boeing 314 "Yankee Clipper" NC18603

3 comments on “Excellent Boeing 314 “Yankee Clipper” Replica

  1. Zrath

    Darn it, I was going to build one of these.
    Not sculptured like that, with rounded and smooth parts, but still…
    I guess I can still build mine later. :)

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