Modernist signal box

Signal boxes are one of the most common trackside accessories built by LEGO fans. But I think this beauty by lafabrick is the first time I’ve seen a modernist[1] version done in LEGO. I like it. There’s a lot of clever use of half-stud offset on this one.

[1] I think actually brutalist, perhaps our architecturally inclined readers can inform me.

signal box-07

3 comments on “Modernist signal box

  1. alldarker

    Gonna have to agree it seems more influenced by Brutalist architecture than by Modernism. Modernism is often ‘optimistic’ and futuristic, inspired by the ’40’s and ’50’s impressions of the ‘space age’.
    Brutalism is inspired more by efficiency of building. Interestingly enough, the red walls have been built up with 2×1 plates suggesting bricks, while Brutalist architecture is most often associated with concrete buildings (Brutalism is derived from the French ‘b├ęton brut’; raw concrete).
    To be honest, I’d say maybe we’re overthinking the architectural inspiration just a bit: the design of this signal box seems primarily to be functional (narrow base, concrete skeleton, brick walls), rather than architectural. But there’s no doubt it’s pretty!

  2. shannonocean

    Yeah, if it was white it might look more Modern but the grey gives it that raw, unpainted concrete Brutal look. Then again, Brutalist stuff might not have those arches and just go for right angles. Either way, a great moc, nicely spotted Tim!

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