TBB registration & commenting issues resolved (we think...)

Important: This is not the raffle post! Leave your raffle entry comments on Win LEGO Super Hero minifigs early, not here.


LEGO TBB VignetteWe’ve heard from readers anecdotally that some of you have had trouble registering or leaving comments. Unfortunately, the reported numbers were low enough, and we just never had enough info to get to the root of the problem until recently, so weren’t able to fix it. As it turns out, there were a few related issues that all contributed to the problem.

First, some Internet service providers only allow inbound email from domains on a “whitelist.” If you’ve registered here on Brothers-Brick.com using the email address provided by your ISP, such as t-online.de or comcast.net, or if you have your own custom domain that you’ve used to register, email — including the registration confirmation message — from us may get blocked. There’s nothing TBB can do about this, but there’s something you can do. Please try registering again with an email address from a free webmail service, such as Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo! Mail. If you use your ISP mail as your primary email account (or don’t have a webmail account), you can always set up the webmail to automatically redirect all messages to your regular address.

Second, many of you haven’t been able to change your auto-assigned passwords after you registered. We fixed this one a while ago.

Finally, those of you using Internet Explorer 9 have been unable to comment at all. I’m contractually obligated to say that this is our old code’s fault, not IE9’s. ;-) We’ve also fixed this.

We’re still going to keep the registration requirement for leaving comments, but we hope we’ve at least eliminated the bugs enough to enable those of you who’ve encountered any of these three issues to start leaving comments again. Thanks for your patience!

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a WordPress.com account. Why can’t I leave a comment here on TBB?

Although Brothers-Brick.com runs on WordPress software, the WordPress.com registration system is completely separate from any “self-hosted” instances of WordPress. You’ll need to specifically register here on Brothers-Brick.com to leave a comment on a TBB post.

I left a comment a while ago but it still hasn’t shown up. What’s going on?

First-time commenters are moderated to make sure they’re not spammers. One of our administrators needs to look at the comments from any first-time commenter and approve them. Any future comments after that will appear immediately. We’re not online 24 hours a day, so there may sometimes be a delay in moderating first-time comments.

29 comments on “TBB registration & commenting issues resolved (we think...)

  1. captain spaulding

    test test test, everything seams to be working so far. really cool site and neat that lego gave you freebies to give away.

  2. 1brick at a time

    Hey, (ive been reading your blog/website for some time now but i never had a wordpress account so i couldn’t post a comment before now) I collect lego minifigs and build stuff for the minifigs and i would love to get me my hands on batman/greenlantern so i can build them a little set to stand on :)

  3. Andrew Post author

    For those of you who seem to have left a comment about the raffle, please make sure you comment on the correct post. ;-) Comments on this post won’t be entered into the raffle.

  4. peterab

    Yeah, I can comment. I think for a long while my email host blocked TBB, but it resolved itself a few months ago. I’d love to win a fig too :-)

  5. StevenC16

    Lego super hero’s, its like a dream come true. Can’t wait to have a battle between the Green Lantern and Superman. Green Lantern will be Ruler of the Universe!!!

  6. Stoneway81511

    Hey guys, I left my first comment a couple days ago on the Superhero Contest post. My other comments for other posts are on there and approved, but why not this one? Does the fact that I’m a first-time commenter mean that my first comment doesn’t get posted? I would really appreciate an explanation because I’m quite puzzled.

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