The Cult of LEGO – mini book review

I recently received a copy of The Cult of LEGO by John Baichtal and Joe Meno from the publisher. Look for a longer review from Andrew soon, but here’s my short version.

The book covers the diverse aspects of the Lego hobby for AFOLs and includes a variety of featurettes that range from ApocaLego to Billund and Lego comics. The numerous short 1-2 page sections make for quick and easy reading and give a great introduction of the hobby to non-AFOLs. The content caters to non-AFOLs and new AFOLs, so seasoned fans will find many familiar facts and creations.

As diverse as the topics are, the examples represent a casual selection, meaning that they are not always representative of the top-tier works in a genre. This may disappoint those who want to see some of the the best spaceships or castles. Rather, the selected works represents a sampling of AFOL creations. Most featured works date prior to 2009, so it’s unlikely you’ll see much that was made in the past 3 years.

While The Cult of Lego is not a perfect representation of the hobby, it is still a very commendable one. I recommend the book for those who want to explore the multiple and diverse facets of the AFOL world. Even for seasoned veterans of the brick, The Cult of Lego is still a worthwhile item to keep in your collection as a reminder of what we AFOLs have accomplished.

The Cult of LEGO is currently available on Amazon.