Win LEGO Super Hero minifigs early here on TBB + official contest deadline Nov 15

LEGO was kind enough to send us a pair of the LEGO Super Hero minifigs distributed exclusively at Comic-Con in San Diego earlier this year, and we’re going to give them away to two TBB readers. One reader gets Superman Batman, and another gets Green Lantern!

LEGO Superhero minifigs

To enter this raffle, just leave a comment on this post (tips on registering and commenting). In two weeks, on Monday, November 28, we’ll randomly select two people who left comments before 11:59 PM PST November 27.

Fine print: The raffle is open to TBB readers worldwide 18 years old and older. We’ll add to the fine print as people ask questions, but let’s keep it simple for now.

If you’d like to win all the 2012 LEGO Super Heroes: DC Universe sets, LEGO is also hosting a contest on

Enter the LEGO Super Heroes Challenge for a chance to win the Grand Prize, a trip to California to tour Warner Bros. Studios, WB Animation, and LEGOLAND California, and the complete 2012 LEGO Super Heroes: DC Universe collection. Plus get your work displayed online for other LEGO Super Heroes fans to admire.

Check out the website for more details.

369 comments on “Win LEGO Super Hero minifigs early here on TBB + official contest deadline Nov 15

  1. oin4lego

    I’d like to win the minifig but I think the “Daily Planet” MOC has the contest grand prize all wrapped up! Amazing!

  2. Iggins

    I visit this site every day and have for about a year now. This contest finally got me to register! lol

  3. captainsmog

    What? No MOC to build? No jury? It’s a joke?
    Wait… I may really have a chance to win a superhero minifig?!?
    I’m in! I’M IN! (Even if it’s a so tiny chance that you’ll need to watch it
    with an electronic microscope…)

  4. AK_brickster

    Ooh! Pick me! Pick me! (Wonder if you got enough Batman torsos if you could turn them into a medieval faction…)

  5. Super Robot Wars

    Thanks TBB for hosting the competition, you guys are awesome!
    Good luck in the contest everybody :).

  6. peterab

    Comment for raffle. BTW the post implies we should post on the other thread, you might want to edit it so it is clearer.

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