Minifig Scale Supercar: It Curves Nicely

Looking like it’s straight off the track at Nürburgring, this elegant supercar by flickr user L@go is a wonderful example of the beauty that can be achieved in minifig scale.

L@go's Supercar on flickr

6 comments on “Minifig Scale Supercar: It Curves Nicely

  1. Liftbot

    Some say he appears on high value stamps in Sweden, and that he can catch fish with his tongue…

  2. Sarah

    Some say…he is made entirely of Lego….Some say he is teaching a horse to fly…..Some say he gets left out of the description in a blog post…All we know is, hes called the Stig!

  3. countryphoto

    I was going to make a comment about The Stig but beaten to it, great comments above.

    Really like the car, the tyres are a bit out of place though, needs low profile ones.

  4. L@go

    Some say his best friend is an electric toothbrush, and that his tonsils are made of carbon fibre. All we know is…

    Thanks for blogging this! My Flickr account is currently experiencing the fabled increase in views.

    And countryphoto: I agree. But which kind of low profile Lego tyres would you recommend, exactly? :)

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