T’Met Monastery

Oftentimes we see applications of a new building technique on a small experimental model, but rarely do we see them applied to a large creation. I am delighted to see tiberium_blue‘s T’Met Monastery, which not only uses Technic liftarms for its massive stone walls but also depicts a refreshing subject of a fictional sanctuary inspired by a Star Trek Vulcan monastery.

T'Met Monastery

2 comments on “T’Met Monastery

  1. Ted @ndes

    This is a simply breath taking build. The details are amazing, and not a single brick seems out of place. Bravo!

  2. jcilkmfoster

    Couldn’t agree with Ted more: even at first glance it is obvious – nothing is overdone. Tons of detail without too much detail. Hard to do sometimes. Nice piece of building…of a building.

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