LEGO Lord of the Rings Tower of Orthanc breaks seven feet tall

The builders of the nascent OneLUG have come together to build the Lord of the Ring’s Last March of the Ents in epic proportions. More accurately, they’ve built the battle in minifig scale, resulting in a display eight feet in diameter, and over seven feet tall.

LEGO Last March of the Ents by OneLUG

The battle rages between an army of more than one hundred Orcs, and a force of over twenty-five Ents. The group started design and building in February of 2011, and have finished it in time to unveil it at Brickcon, this weekend in Seattle. They estimate that there are more than 22,000 bricks in the display, which weighs over 145 pounds. The tower itself is built almost entirely with studs not on top techniques, in order to capture the sculptural details of the movie version.

Flaming Ent

I’ve always enjoyed this scene in the movie, and it’s great to see it done justice here. They’ve included all of my favorite details, like the Ent partially consumed in fire, and caught the deluge from the burst damn in action.

5 comments on “LEGO Lord of the Rings Tower of Orthanc breaks seven feet tall

  1. Nannan

    The part estimate seems a bit conservative. The Victorian house that posted below claims to have over 100,000 pieces. As builders it’s hard for us to sometimes guess how many pieces we used in our own large creations.

  2. Dan Post author

    I’m inclined to agree with you, Nannn. My own experience tells me that the water alone is probably 22,000 parts. At over 220 studs tall, the tower would only need 100 parts per level to reach 22,000. Estimating part counts can be hard, though, and that number really only matters to non-builders.

  3. russtiffer

    it could be an accurate part count if you dont count support structures. i do agree that that part counts are more of a wow factor for non builders though.

    this is by far my favorite thing anyone has built. its just way to cool to even start pointing out all the cool stuff.

  4. brickfrenzy

    I’ve found that Lego is somewhere around 300-500 pieces per pound. Since they weighed the thing, at 145 pounds, this model is in the 40k-72k range.

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