Put Your Brick Where Your Mouth Is TWO – Contest Extended

It seems that I somehow failed to announce this contest here on TBB when it started a month ago. As things stand right now, we’ve reached the deadline with fewer entries than we have prizes! I just received the prizes from LEGO a few days ago, and they’re all great. It looks like we’ll be giving away one each of almost all of the new Alien Conquest sets, not the small ones, though. Our smallest prize seems to be a twenty dollar set!

Put Your Brick Where Your Mouth Is 2 - Contest Announcementy

Just like last year, this contest is all about trying to build something that you think would make a cool set. Mark Stafford is serving as our celebrity judge, and he’ll try to give each entrant some insight into how a real set designer would have their design critiqued. Of course, this is an unofficial contest, and in no way constitutes a job offer from LEGO, or solicitation by LEGO of ideas for actual sets to be produced. It’s all in fun!

3 comments on “Put Your Brick Where Your Mouth Is TWO – Contest Extended

  1. ntuttle

    My son has built a space creation for the contest that will end on 9/30. He has misplaced his magazine with the information about the contest. I am trying to find the address to send the pictures and letter. Do you have the information or can you give me a site address to get the information? This is his first contest and he has worked very hard on the creation. Thank you for any help you can provide.

  2. Dan Post author

    Chris, the new deadline is October 1.

    Ntuttle: I’m not sure what contest your son has built a creation for. If it’s this creation, follow the link in the post to the contest. From there, there is a link to an “enter here” link. You have to join the Classic-space.com forums, and post your entry there.

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