M41A1 Pulse Rifle is perfect for a bughunt – in short, controlled bursts

I can’t believe Aliens is 25 years old. I’m not sure Giovanni Tuzzi built this life-size M41A1 Pulse Rifle to celebrate the movie’s anniversary, but it’s certainly awesome.


Giovanni’s rifle includes several working functions, including triggers, cocking handle, pumping grip, and removable magazine.

6 comments on “M41A1 Pulse Rifle is perfect for a bughunt – in short, controlled bursts

  1. havoc1982

    cjedwards47, Yours is made with plates mostly. And I know the details are different but what I meant was that the basic build of this one, use of slopes, construction of barrel etc. It’s not similar, it’s the same.

  2. cjedwards47

    @Havoc, don’t get me wrong–I think I like your rendition slightly better (even better than my own). I think it’s a shame that yours was not blogged here.
    However, the use of a 45 degree slope brick to create a 45 degree slope and the use of a 2×2 round brick to create something round are hardly novel concepts. If you look closely, his barrel is all 2×2 round bricks, while yours uses some 2×2 round plates, a wheel hub, and some hinges. If anything, I would say the 1×4 brick with the slot in it is the most relevant similarity between the two.

  3. havoc1982

    I just think there are too many similarities to be a coincidence but I guess it’s a common case in our ‘profession’ that many MOCs look alike.

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