I’m Blue

Another builder (Joshua Morris) has brought us a large space ship, built primarily of dark blue. I’ve had a big ship in progress in this color for well over a year, and every time I see one posted, it makes me both happy and sad.

Any element of feeling beaten to the punch is overcome by appreciation for the creation, though. The Ticonderoga here is a nice, solid build. It looks like it could take a beating and keep running. The use of trans orange for the windows is something that has never occured to me, but it looks quite nice.


2 comments on “I’m Blue

  1. Syruss

    I really like the shape and feel of this ship. It seems to have a lot of qualities Id associate with a human military craft. The primary being plates and plates of metal as a primary defense measure. Im not sure why, but bulky plate armor has always seemed like a very human approach.

    But yeah, I think this is a really nice build.


  2. aussielegocollector

    It’s even better looking in the flesh. I saw it at the Canberra Brick Expo last weekend, in a field of Josh’s other creations. Fantastic display!

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