Brickforge uncorks some new items [News]

I haven’t gotten my hands on any of these yet, but the new jars, bottles and test tubes look pretty nifty. They borrow from the esthetic of the new LEGO bottles and flasks yet add their take on shapes and colors. I think I’m going to have to pick up some of these.

The bottles currently only come in trans-brown and clear, although I think those trans-blue bottles in the picture look cool.

2 comments on “Brickforge uncorks some new items [News]

  1. excelonzero

    I like the “spill” on the floor. Hopefully it will come in a range of toxic colors and clear red

  2. Starwars4J

    @ excelonzero: It will, don’t worry ;) These colors are only the beginning of what this mold will be made available in. And Armothe is more than aware of how popular a trans-red version will be. Just keep checking back and you’ll find some nice surprises.

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