Maschinen Krieger (MaK) Starfighter Contest

TR Brownridge (.Tromas) is organising a starfighter contest based on Maschinen Krieger (MaK). Since my love of MaK is far from secret I encourage everyone to give it a go.


To get to the important details first: it runs from August 1, 2011 – October 1, 2011 in the Starfighters Group so head over there to play.

I’ve copied the rules and prizes appears below to get you inspired.

The RULES are pretty simple:

  1. Make it look like it belongs in the MaK universe
  2. Must be a starfighter (same rules as the group: no frigates, corvettes etc.)
  3. Must be mini-fig scale. It doesn’t have to have a pilot (a lot the Strahl units are autonomous), but it does have to be to that scale
  4. Custom stickers/parts, clones brands etc are all permitted (MaK is after all, all about kit-bashing)
  5. Must be a new design
  6. 2 entries per person (in case anyone wants to do both a Merc & Strahl unit :)
  7. Submit a single photo of the model to the contest thread in the Starfighters Group
  8. Contest Timeline is August 1, 2011 to October 1, 2011 (I want to give you all lots of time to get creative)

Brick-A-Thon has generously helped me out with the prize money, so I am happy to say that the amounts are higher than what I was initially planning:

  • 1st Place – $75.00 Bricklink Coupon
  • 2nd Place – $50.00 Bricklink Coupon
  • 3rd Place – $25.00 Bricklink Coupon

All entries will be judged by myself, Peter (peterlmorris) and Tim (gambort). Once the winners have been decided, I will notify Brick-A-Thon and they will apply the coupons to your Bricklink account.

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