LEGO Star Wars 7879 Hoth Echo Base out now, 7962 Podracers reviewed [News]

The summer 2011 LEGO Star Wars sets continue to arrive at the LEGO Store online. As much as I appreciate the cool vehicles in the Star Wars universe, it’s nice to see LEGO release playsets occasionally, like the new 7879 Hoth Echo Base.icon


It’ll set you back 90 bucks, but the base contains a Tauntaun and eight minifigs, including R-3PO the red protocol droid, 2-1B medical droid, and a Bacta tank Luke. (Release news via FBTB.)

Also at $90, I’m personally more impressed with the revamped 7962 Anakin Skywalker and Sebulba’s Podracers,icon which FBTB reviewed in detail recently.


5 comments on “LEGO Star Wars 7879 Hoth Echo Base out now, 7962 Podracers reviewed [News]

  1. Amra

    Even though I love it, I think $90 bucks for the size of that base is over-priced. It should’ve been bigger…

  2. tailor.ewe

    I agree with Amra: LEGO has gotten cocky about pricing their sets.

    They want us to buy custom minifigures at a premium, and build all the buildings/sets ourselves.

    While I appreciate this to SOME degree (Hoth Wampa Cave was a decent set), for younger builders this is can be frustrating and annoying. Remember buying Mos Eisley Cantina and, after you built it, realizing that it was actually just “A Landspeeder and a Closet, with minifigs?!”

    Please don’t get me wrong–there’s a LOT more playability here than in, say, 7754 Home One. I mean, yes the conference room is iconic but, how do you PLAY with it?!

    That being said….this just seems like a single, big room, which Echo base certainly was not. Has anyone even checked to see if a standard snowspeeder fits through the provided entryway?

    Or–wait, let me guess, this part of Echo base just has the entrance where tauntaun riders came and went, and is meant to be combined with 2007’s Hoth Rebel Base?

    LEGO needs to keep in mind that many children will only get the chance to buy 1 really expensive set….make it good, huh?

  3. LEGO_5p8c3

    Normally I don´t care because most fans have no idea how the system works for a LEGO designer but sometimes after a while it gets too much…I only human too. People have no idea what we as LEGO designers do every day “FOR YOU” to make the sets in the best possible way.

    We ask our self then the question “what do they want?”…just pay 5$ and have 20 mini´s, 600 bricks and all in special colours. I say this in general without having a particular set in mind (no I didn´t designed these sets).

    Please and I don´t want to offend anyone but “please” think for a minute. If anyone feels offended then I offer my apologies because this isn´t my intention.

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