EcoDome Deluxe – Numereji concept model

While I certainly don’t consider this to be my most polished model (not even close) I did think it was worth sharing as some inspiration for the forthcoming Numereji 2421 collaboration at BrickCon 2011. Since I won’t be attending I thought I’d post it early to give some idea of the fun you can have with this collaboration.

LDraw file and instructions (when moderated) are up.

EcoDome Deluxe

7 comments on “EcoDome Deluxe – Numereji concept model

  1. Austin Hoben

    I’m interested in joining the collab this year, though I am a bit nervous since I’m a TFOL and not an AFOL. One question, though –

    Are alien/non-human minifigs allowed? because my idea for my contribution would be a human space farmer of some sort in a mecha fending off alien squatters/stowaways. I know the collab is all about spaceship crash survivors and their community established on the planet, but I thought this would fit in those guidelines.

    Any help is appreciated!

  2. gambort Post author

    ^ I’ve pointed Nathan and Josh to your post so one of them should respond. But in future please try to keep queries to the appropriate space. This is not it.

  3. Austin Hoben

    Sorry gambort. I also looked at your Building New Howland post, so that clears up some of my questions. Thanks!

  4. Thanel

    ^ Glad you found it. It’s where I would have directed you. Sorry it took me so long to respond, been *busy* at Comic-Con.

  5. Austin Hoben

    ^ Yeah, that helped a lot. Also changed my mind on doing the collab, unfortunately – Registration was a little outside of my budget. Hopefully Numereji gets its own expanded universe – That looks like where it’s headed so far.

    Thanks for your help, even if it was brief!

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