First hi-res pictures of 4184 Black Pearl

A German toy website has hi-res pictures of the upcoming 4184 Black Pearl.

8 comments on “First hi-res pictures of 4184 Black Pearl

  1. Alexi

    Love the new (I think) minifigs for Davy Jones and Hammerhead!

    Not totally thrilled with plastic sails but I suppose the AFOLs among us can always make our own from cloth :)

  2. Rick S

    Other than being black, the sails look identical to the ones on Queen Anne’s revenge. They’re not plastic, they’re some kind of stiff cloth. They look very nice on Q.A.R., I’m sure they’ll look fine on the Black Pearl.

  3. Creative Anarchy

    Anyone know why this took so long to come out? Did they figure nobody would have bought Queen Anne’s revenge unless they waited 3 months to release the Pearl??

  4. blake

    A cool ship indeed but it looks like the day that Jack sailed her off the show room floor! It is too clean to be the Pearl. I can’t wait to see how people make it look more like the real Black Pearl!

  5. MV

    So I was looking through the different photos in that link and check out the last one, the shot of the stern. Are my eyes playing tricks on me or are those 33˚ cheese slopes?!? (in dk bley over the windows)

  6. mcmorran

    Quite disappointed in this. I was hoping for something more on the scale of the Imperial Flagship, but this looks even smaller than the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Oh well… some modifications may be required…

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