Traveller’s Tales wants you! TT Games hiring for Model Builder [News]

TT Games, the company behind LEGO’s line of successful video games, is wanting to hire a Model Builder to work on the in-game models. They are looking for a talented builder and thought that one of our readers might fit the bill.

It’s worth noting that Carl Greatrix was also hired by TT Games after he saw their ad here on The Brothers Brick, so another TT Games Model Builder could be one of you reading this right now.

Here’s the job description:

LEGO Model Builder/Artist

We are seeking a talented individual to join the LEGO Models team, who will be required to design models for a range of purposes for various members of the team in our dynamic and exciting working environment.

The ideal candidate will have:
* An overview of all LEGO themes and building styles.
* An ability to design and build accurate/fun/working LEGO models.
* Strong 3D modelling skills in Autodesk Maya.
* Experience of the TtGames LEGO console games.

In return we offer a competitive salary with paid overtime and bonus

To apply, please send your CV and Covering Letter to

Yoda rendering is courtesy of TT Games

6 comments on “Traveller’s Tales wants you! TT Games hiring for Model Builder [News]

  1. Bricktrix

    It is ;)
    And I’d like to clarify that I am still with TT. The way this article is worded has led some to think I am not ;)

  2. Catsy

    Man, this makes me wish I’d stuck with Maya when I was screwing around with game modding. Good luck to whoever tries out.

  3. RocketSeason

    @BaronSat Well, I use it everyday! You’d be suprised at the number of 3D modelers that love LEGO. This does sound like a great opportunity indeed.

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