Summer 2011 Star Wars sets out now [News]

The LEGO Star Wars sets for Summer 2011 have just been released on the LEGO Shop online. For those of you who’ve been buying LEGO Star Wars since day 1 back in 1999, you’ll mostly find redesigns of existing vehicles in the non-Clone Wars section, but I have to admit after building 8097 Slave Iicon that 7144 Slave I just can’t compare.

The centerpiece of the summer collection is 7965 Millenium Falcon,icon which at 1254 pieces and six minifigs is the largest short of the UCS version I still have in its shipping box downstairs. (No, you can’t have it.)


There are also a bunch of Clone Wars sets based on characters and vehicles I know nothing about, even though they appear to have some cool parts and minifigs. See all of the sets by clicking the banner below:

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2 comments on “Summer 2011 Star Wars sets out now [News]

  1. rushiosan

    I’ve seen some reviews of the 7965 and I’m not happy at all. The 2004 version was way better in some details, like landing gear, inner detailing and cockpit. Scaling have been improved over time, of course, but some minor parts look out of place or just dull.

  2. pedigoa

    Where is 7879 Hoth Echo Base? There’s a product page, but clicking the store link gives an error.

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