Brick Fiesta 2011 wrap up

In the past two weeks I went from the largest Lego convention in the US to the smallest back to back. As a fledgeling event in its first year, Brick Fiesta was only about a tenth the size of Brickworld. Nevertheless, the public waited in line for up to an hour and half to enjoy MOCs such as Mirage, Tony Sava‘s Cathedral, and a Batman sculpture by 13-year-old Evan Bacon (which were the top 3 public favorites). There were other gems as well, which you can dig up by browsing the pictures on the Brick Fiesta Flickr group.

Some of my most memorable things at Brick Fiesta included the Alien Mothership draft (one of the best sets to draft), great trailer food and restaurants in Austin, and meeting lots of new people. At the same time, I should mention that this was the first Lego convention for Kevin Hinkle, who will follow Steve Witt’s footsteps as the new North America Community Coordinator.


Overall, Brick Fiesta was a unique Texas style Lego convention. For more coverage of the event, you can check out TV segments of Brick Fiesta from KVUE and KXAN.

3 comments on “Brick Fiesta 2011 wrap up

  1. Dan

    I’ve also heard BrickFair referred to as the largest Con in the US. I’m not sure what number that claim is based on, though. Do you know for BrickWorld?

  2. Nannan Post author

    Brickfair has the largest public attendance, Brickworld has the largest number of attendees and MOCs displayed.

  3. Dan

    Hmm, I wonder what would happen if BrickFair listed its cap on attendees? Then again, they haven’t hit it yet.

    I wonder how MOC acreage compares.

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