Mirage, sanctuary of the guardians

Tyler and I present our third collaborative build of a sanctuary in the sky called Mirage. For this project, we took on the challenge of building a large diorama without a baseplate. The result is a 7′ X 7′ creation composed of over 150 modular octagonal platforms. The building process started in January and the finished model with will be shown at Brick Fiesta this weekend. You can learn about the backstory by following the teasers we posted.

3 comments on “Mirage, sanctuary of the guardians

  1. Creative Anarchy

    The platforms themselves are cool but those central buildings are just amazing. There’s an great arranged asymetry at work there that really sells the reality of the MoC

  2. W. Mark

    Dang it, Nannan, why do you and Tyler keep having to make all us other fans look pathetic?

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