When Worlds Collide

Ted Andes calls this ship an M-Wing Viper, and sets it in the Star Wars universe. I can’t help but see some Cylon Raider in the shape, though, and the Viper name also reminds me of Battlestar Galactica.

All talk of provenance aside, this is just a well built ship. The wings blend smoothly between parts with lovely effect. Then there is the sticker usage, just enough without going overboard. In addition, the stickers on the windscreen knock that piece in a completely different direction than I’m accustomed to.

M-Wing Viper

8 comments on “When Worlds Collide

  1. Dan Post author

    Hmm, I did leave out a comma after “Then,” in the second-to-last sentence. Is that what you are referring to?

  2. Jai

    It’s a reference to the title: “When World’s Collide”, which has an apostrophe for some reason. It’s too bad; would-be editors shouldn’t try to avoid making you guess what’s wrong.

  3. Jai

    Oh dear. I can’t edit that to say “should” instead of “shouldn’t”. I shouldn’t have rewritten that last sentence…

  4. Dan Post author

    Apparently, Ronny would prefer to be cryptic. I just kept thinking, “I know that the title says ‘When worlds collide,’ with a thought following it.” I didn’t realize that was meant to point me to look again at the title, as it wasn’t a failure of grammar, but a failure of electronics.

    Regardless, this looks like it’s another vote to keep me from blogging from my iPhone. I’m not sure why auto-correct changed “worlds” to “world’s,” but I sure didn’t notice. It may explain why WordPress told me there was an auto-save newer than what I had posted though, some sort of after-effect change.

    I proofread my posts, but I usually don’t bother proofreading the titles, I’ll have to correct that.

  5. Dan Post author

    Also, apparently, our comment system now shows the newest comments at the top, not the bottom. I wonder when this changed…

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