Tunable, playable LEGO ukulele

On the whole I’m used to seeing one thing pop up in Ross Crawford’s (RoscoHead) photostream: cranes. So spotting a LEGO ukulele there this morning was somewhat of a surprise. Discovering it worked was less of a surprise after the initial shock.

To quote Ross:

Realising I’ve never owned a uke, I decided I’d try to make one. But instead of using wood, like any normal person, I decided to use LEGO bricks. Of course, there were some challenges: 1) Shape, 2) Strength, 3) Tuning, 4) Intonation

So, after all that, I ended up with what I like to call an alto ukulele – it is tuned to C-F-A-D (normal ukes are generally tuned to G-C-E-A). I also thought it needed a stand so I can display it on the mantle piece, you can see it poking out the bottom. And I think it really sounds OK, but you can judge for yourself: Puff the Magic Dragon

And for those who missed the link in the quote, here is Ross playing a well known song on his LEGO ukulele.


Incidentally, this is how you make a tuning peg out of LEGO. Clever, no?

3 comments on “Tunable, playable LEGO ukulele

  1. RoscoHead

    Am I THAT predictable? I thought there was at least a bridge or 2 as well as the cranes :P

    Oh and I think ukulele has 2 “u”s, BICBW.

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