LEGO HP 4842 Hogwarts Castle $35 off from Amazon has the LEGO Harry Potter set 4842 Hogwarts Castle (not to be confused with the smaller 4867 Hogwarts)icon at $95, down from the MSRP of $130.

Lots of lovely tan. And remember, you don’t just have to buy LEGO from to help support The Brothers Brick — just click through from the main page anytime you buy something from Amazon and part of the proceeds will help keep TBB running.

(Via FBTB, which needs your support, too.)

1 comment on “LEGO HP 4842 Hogwarts Castle $35 off from Amazon

  1. Buffy Fan

    I would buy this in a heartbeat if I didn’t abhor pink-skinned minifigs. The minifigs just don’t look like they belong with all the yellow-skinned ones… :/

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