Cars 2 trailer in Lego

Patrick Boivin was commissioned to make the official Cars 2 trailer in Lego, and he did a great job bringing out the personality of the characters through their animated facial features. The rest is some pretty smooth stop-motion action.

Thanks for the tip [Dablackcat]!

5 comments on “Cars 2 trailer in Lego

  1. zachmoe

    Have long been a fan of Patrick’s work. Check out some of his other videos as well…extremely impressive.

  2. Xarquar

    I called my wife in to watch and after 10 seconds she turned to leave saying, “Haven’t I seen this before?” Then I paused it and she gasped, “Is that made out of Lego?” Well done indeed.

  3. Maks

    The sets in this series have very interesting parts, too bad that some are printed. They always complain that they are decals, and now it’s avenges ;)

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