Space Shuttle Endeavour launches with LEGO aboard [News]

As we reported back in November, LEGO and NASA signed a deal to release sets like 3368 Space Center and even send LEGO up in one of the final Shuttle missions.

Endeavour launched earlier this week and is now docked at the International Space Station, where astronauts are using a specially built, clear glovebox to build some really awesome LEGO sets — for science! The box ensures that our favorite plastic bricks don’t get lost in the inner workings of the ISS, and — years in the future when the abandoned ISS hangs like a beacon of past glory in the evening sky — jams a crucial gear or something and brings the whole thing tumbling down on Perth.

LEGO space education sets

I like the little Hubble a lot. I’m trying to dig up how the general public can get these models (comment if you know), which were apparently made available to teachers so kids can follow along down here on boring old Earth.

Jesus Diaz over at Gizmodo has a nice write-up with all the details.

7 comments on “Space Shuttle Endeavour launches with LEGO aboard [News]

  1. PeterHoh

    The windmill, sail car, fishing pole, hammer, balance, and measuring device are from the Dacta 9686 set.

  2. Catsy

    Yeah, chalk me up as being willing to pay even the crappy Architecture pricing for that ISS set. What a beauty.

  3. Jai

    Wow, yeah, the ISS model looks great in the larger picture at Gizmodo.

    Although I also realized there’s a space bathroom in the mix when I saw the bigger pictures. How weird! It even has pins in the side, like it’s supposed to be modular…?

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