Alien Conquest 7066 Earth Defense HQ includes Vic Viper tribute to nnenn

It was just brought to my attention that 7066 Earth Defense HQicon contains a tribute to nnenn. The decal on the Vic Viper ship is the brilliant idea of Mark Stafford who designed the set. This by itself is enough cause for me to own a copy of the set.

Photo by polywen

9 comments on “Alien Conquest 7066 Earth Defense HQ includes Vic Viper tribute to nnenn

  1. Catsy

    It’s a good thing that it’s also an excellent set that hearkens back to Classic Space both in the color scheme and in the sheer play value. Mark really hit it out of the park with this one.

  2. Rook

    Worthy Tribute. A great honor to bestow to great member of the community. I’m buying at least one.

  3. ceramite

    Lego is awesome, what a great way to pay tribute to an AFOL role model. I just put in an order, but I didn’t get this set. I may now!

  4. sparesoul

    I’m going to do a drawing of this and post it on Sketch Club this week! Awesome and inspiring, Nnenn was really cool whenever I had a stupid question or mistook him for Nannan, lol.
    Hey LEGO… awesome appreciation!

  5. Victor Zuylen

    Oh wow! This is the first set in a long time that I’m actually going to apply stickers to. Awesome tribute.

  6. Creative Anarchy

    One of the Lego store employees pointed out to me that the ADU round tile on the wings and the tail sticker also have the Vic viper profile. It’s really touching that a Lego builder acknowledged Nenn’s contribution to Lego

  7. CatJuggling

    A definite “Must Buy” even for a guy deep in a dark age like me. Awesome set and fitting tribute!

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