10218 Pet Shop coming on May 10th

You can look forward to getting the next Cafe Corner modular town building on May 10th. Meanwhile, Flickr user Tazmandvl1 got one early, so you know what to expect when you put down that $150.

11 comments on “10218 Pet Shop coming on May 10th

  1. Andrew

    I’ve always thought a pet shop would make a perfect addition to the modular building series, right up there with a LEGO retail store, of course (very meta…).

  2. Creative Anarchy

    After the fire station and the Grand Emporium this looks like sort of a let-down. Lots of odd parts and colors but looks kind of so-so as a model. Dunno, I’ll wait for a better look at it before I make a decision.

  3. Andrew

    I see what you’re saying — brick-built brickwork and a large corner module are always going to trump two smaller buildings side by side — but it’s nice to get a little variety in the architecture by splitting the set into two very distinct styles.

  4. Halloween King

    This could make me start collection the modular sets. I like this one.

  5. Brad

    It looks like the green bike has been in two sets thus far, from 2010 and 2011:


    Maybe there were non-production runs of green bikes, though.

    As for the set, I’m thrilled! Is the May 10 release confirmed? I don’t see this on Shop @ Home as a preorder. Regardless, I’ll be picking one up as soon as it is available.

  6. kris kelvin

    I`m not dissapointed. For me it`s very good set from this (for me) best line lego ever made.
    Nice architecture, nice colours, very good interior. Who want anything more?

  7. GabryS

    I’ve never had any of them, but who knows, maybe there is going to be chance to get this one… I like snot letters.

  8. Mainman

    This set was on the OKC Lego store’s shelves yesterday. I had never even heard about it, but it does look pretty spiffy.

  9. Dave

    Any word on when Grand Emporium is going to go away. I haven’t gotten a chance to pick it up yet and I heard some rumors that it might disappear sooner than Fire Brigade.

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