LEGO Star Wars goodies for Star Wars Days, May 3-4 [News]

Star Wars Days are nearly upon us (so I’m told), and the LEGO Shop is having several promotions to celebrate everyone’s favorite galaxy far, far away.

LEGO Brand Retail

Here are the details from LEGO:

Here’s a high-res shot of the ARF Trooper minifig you get for free:

LEGO Star Wars ARF Trooper minifigure

3 comments on “LEGO Star Wars goodies for Star Wars Days, May 3-4 [News]

  1. Benjamin P

    Well I definitely don’t plan on buying $75 of LEGO [Star Wars] at once, but the prospects of a free poster and entry to win that Falcon might make me buy the Clone Trooper Battle Pack I’ve been eying.
    That ARF pilot is sweet!

  2. Jai

    Oops. Pretty sure I missed this by… an hour? No idea, really. It’s still May 4th for a couple more hours for me on the West Coast. Ugh, why didn’t I check this site yesterday…

  3. Jai

    I should note that the sale prices still seem to be good; it’s the free shipping and free swag that the site informs me I’m too late for.

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