How to paint an artist.

Ah, the life of an artist. Glamorous, with paintings selling for millions upon millions, right? Eh, probably not. Unless you’re Picasso, this poor minifig probably won’t see his works reach seven digits in his lifetime. But that’s glamorous, right?

All he wants to do is pay for his fantastic flat, that he just cleaned. But he missed the red pigment. That’s going to stain.

I love the detail in this. The coat rack, especially, and the half-finished sculpture. Bravo, Walter Boy.

2 comments on “How to paint an artist.

  1. Catsy

    I find this vignette unconvincing. It is entirely too clean to be the abode of any artist I’ve ever known. ;)

  2. Caylin Post author

    Right. I’m wondering where the dust and bits are from that statue myself. Perhaps he cleaned it up for an arty shot of his flat?

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