Chrome Stormtrooper winners

LEGO Chrome StormtrooperSince the April Fool’s joke about winning 800 chrome stormtroopers accidentally got posted at 10 PM on March 31 causing a shocking number of you to apparently take the post seriously, we’re making it up to you by giving away 5 of the real thing (which is all we actually have) to 5 of you who commented on the post.

And the randomly generated winners are:

  • bluesky681
  • tigre-bleu
  • Cold Ivory
  • toksik
  • bricktrooper403

We’ll shoot you an e-mail to get your contact info to send you the stormie.

Now, with that out of the way, I’ll add one note of caution about Things You Read on the Internet: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And then magnify that by a factor of 83.4% whenever it’s April 1 somewhere on the planet. Eight hundred chrome stormtroopers to one winner? Really, people? Really?


15 comments on “Chrome Stormtrooper winners

  1. Daedalus

    Well crap. I got penalized for not being gullible?! lol

    That’s quite the gesture, though. :)

  2. Andrew Post author

    ^ You weren’t alone. ;-)

    Of 245,000 readers who’ve visited the site at least 15 times (over 100,000 who’ve visited more than 200) or of the 175,000 unique people who’ve visited TBB within the last month, “only” 208 left a comment on that post. Just sayin’.

  3. Stardusty

    Well, that was a great joke. Congratulations to the winners.
    And what is going to happen with Chrome Stormies from picture?
    (bricks helping japan?)

  4. Deus

    And in the end, the joke’s on those that didn’t fall for it. THAT. Is a good Aprol fools joke.

  5. RocketSeason

    This is way cool of you guys. Totally unnecessary for sure, but very welcome. To be fair, it was an obvious april fools prank, but i guy can still hope for the best right?

  6. eilonwy77

    Well hot dog! I didn’t comment because of the whole obvious-april-fools thing. Oh, and the part where I have no need for a chrome storm trooper and don’t understand the appeal. But hey — I could have sold ’em, right? (This comment is all made in good humor. ;-) )

  7. Ramone

    I hope the winners build something cool using the chrome stormies and submit pictures to Brothers Brick! :)

  8. x_scar_x

    hey you guys posted all your jokes the day before april fool’s day.
    according to the post date. XP

    atually giving some away? bless your hearts.
    (if you live in the dfw area, you get the refrence)

  9. Kactus

    Hey, people that believed you obviously just think you guys are THAT AWESOME that you would give away that many stormtroopers.

  10. yendor

    Congratulations! Best thing is, being so gullible sucked me into signing up. Now I’m working on my NPU.

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