It’s a wonderful mess

Once again Peer Kreuger (mahjqa) has sent us a technic guest blog. Thanks again to Peer.

Some of our readers may already be familiar with LEGO Great Ball contraptions or GBCs for short. It’s a collaborative project where each participant builds a single maching with one purpose; to receive balls and move them to the next machine. When you get a couple of them, you can link them together to form a loop, and get one giant moving factory. Want to know more about that? Look here.

Then there’s folks who build selfcontained units, like Sqiddster has done. This is his third attempt, and it’s densely packed with all kinds of mechanisms. Don’t read this, watch the video instead.

9 comments on “It’s a wonderful mess

  1. sqiddster

    I should probaby tell you that it’s spelt sqiddster (no u). I seriously don’t know why I ran with the typo all those years ago, but hey…

    Once again, it’s an honour to be mentioned on this fantastic blog.

  2. Catsy

    Fantastic work. I’m particularly impressed with some of the mechanisms you designed: the Archimedes screw made out of Technic tubes and the sine-wave conveyor belt in particular are just brilliant.

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