A minifig Christmas

If you remember some of the old Lego holiday catalogs, you may recall a few having covers that depict minifigs from different themes coming together to celebrate the holidays. I built this concept in a scene that features a gingerbread house and a Christmas tree. How many different themes are represented?

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  1. Daedalus

    Now that’s more like it! This puts me squarely in a cheery Christmas mood.

    Love the yellow dish as a sled and the rope icing is a very nice touch. I’m imagining some black fantasy subtly creeping out one of the windows, but I like the whimsical feel.

  2. PeterHoh

    Assuming that city and farm are one theme, I’ll guess that you have nine themes represented.

    By the way, did you hear that the Salvation Army is refusing to distribute (and possibly destroying) Harry Potter-themed toys donated to them for Christmas toy drives?

  3. CatJuggling

    Fun creation! Maybe I’ll try and make one like this for my desk at work. I love the licorice allsorts fence!

  4. Josh

    @PeterHoh – What does that have to do with Nannan’s post?

    Also you might want to Google that again. The Salvation Army issued a statement denying what you just said. So who you going to believe? An anonymous staffer or the Salvation Army? Your choice. I couldn’t care less.

  5. PeterHoh

    Josh, the post challenged readers to identify the themes in the photo. HP is one of those themes. That reminded me of the story I had read, which I thought might be of interest to Nannan, since he has been collecting toys for a charity drive.

    Contrary to your claim that it was only an anonymous staffer, the article I read, on the Toronto Sun site, had a statement from a Salvation Army representative, Capt. Pam Goodyear, confirming the ban on such toys. That seemed like a credible report.

    However, your point is correct: further reports have other Salvation Army representatives stating that there is no such ban, and had I googled it, I would have come across that info. I rely on Snopes to debunk these kinds of internet rumors — and as of yet, Snopes doesn’t have anything about this story.

  6. Josh

    ^Not my claim, Peter, it said that on several of the stories I looked at. Btw, your link has nothing in it so it defaults to our site.

    Thank you for the clarification, since it seemed to be a non sequitur. I looked at it for a long time, trying to see the connection.

  7. g2necrotron

    Back on track, I’d guess at least 15 themes:

    Space (technically Town/Space)
    Indiana Jones (Marion Ravenwood’s Bakery? Well, it looks like her torso anyway)
    Belville (rabbit)
    Star Wars
    Prince of Persia
    Town: Coast Guard
    Town: Farm
    Town: City/Traffic
    Harry Potter
    Power Miners
    Collectible Minifigs
    Modular Buildings

    If you count pieces as “represented themes”… the spiral printed dish was originally a Time Cruisers piece from 1996, and the white rope was from Studios/Spider-man (plus a few later Batman sets :)

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