Andy’s room from Toy Story

Matt De Lanoy (Pepa Quin) built Andy’s room in minifig scale – Toy Story minifig scale, that is. This magnificent build is a full 30″x30″. Scaled to real world sizes, that makes Andy’s room 16’x16′. That’s a pretty decently sized room!

Andy's Room

It’s the details that make this build particularly impressive – and deceptive. Thankfully, Matt’s photographed some of the best parts of the room so we can get a good, up-close look at the details. Check the photos out, along with a toy’s eye view video, below the jump!

Dresser & Chair


Bed from above

Toy Chest - Open

3 comments on “Andy’s room from Toy Story

  1. Jai

    Absolutely terrific, and I wish there had been an official Bo Peep figure if it would’ve looked like that. That room is incredible.

    But to be thoroughly honest, the size of the army men minifigs make them look really out of place.

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