Fluffy Bunny

Andrew Lee (onosendai2600) has just posted a cool mecha that he calls “Fluffy Bunny.” While it certainly doesn’t look fluffy to me, it does have a bit of a resemblance to a bunny. I also suspect that he may have found some inspiration in artwork for the upcoming film Sucker Punch.

Fluffy Bunny

Whether Andrew was inspired by that art or not, he’s done a wonderful job. The ear-like antennae on the body of the mecha really add to the bunny feeling. He’s also used just light touch of pink (a rare color, to be sure), that adds a bit of character to the creation.

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  1. wintermute

    Oh it’s definitely inspired by SuckerPunch Dan which looks seriously bad@$$. I even put a little cheerleader in there which was the closest I could get to a school girl uniform.

    On another note I built this as part of this months “Multi Role Mecha” challenge over at the MechaHub flickr group. The FLUFFYness is all about the various load outs. That and I really enjoy shouting IT’S SO FLUFFY! when I mess with it.

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