A new look of interior design

You don’t have to be an interior designer to recognize this creative and elegant contemporary bedroom and bathroom built by Littlehaulic, the younger sister of the well-known Legohaulic. The bold contrast of the colors black, white, and pink combined with the polished wooden floor helps give a clean and modern look to the rooms. Details such as the rug, the blinds, and the various small decors make one think they were made by a veteran builder.

But you may be surprised to find out that she just turned 13 today! It sure isn’t easy to associate age and talent with a creation like this. Cheers and happy birthday!

5 comments on “A new look of interior design

  1. higdond

    this fol’s work is absolutely stunning, i am so impressed by her attention to detail, colour choices and design ideas. i always look forward to her newest creations, no matter the theme, but her interior design work is a treat to see. i only wish there were more photos of each work, and only one photo per shot, so that we could zoom in for a more detailed look at this greatness. happy birthday, littlehaulic!

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