Robert Green’s fumbling failure immortalized in LEGO

I’ve been catching a few minutes of the World Cup every morning before heading into work, but watched the complete US-England game over the weekend. Naturally, there’s a LEGO version.

This video by Fabian Moritz has gone viral at this point, but for those of you whose friends and family haven’t forwarded this to you yet, enjoy!

See dozens more on Fabian’s site. (English audio version from The Guardian.)

6 comments on “Robert Green’s fumbling failure immortalized in LEGO

  1. Catsy

    Saw this video on Daily Kos yesterday. This is great, but I can’t even imagine the painstaking work that goes into stop motion.

  2. Azure

    I’m glad you guys saw this and decided to blog about it :) It’s good to know you guys check your messages!

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