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From Jan Beyer

Hi LEGO Fans,

The LEGO Community Development would like to know which of the already existing elements would be needed most urgently in missing colors. Some optimism presumed the number one of the resulting list could end in a “color change” and might be produced in the future.

To participate – the way is as follows:

  • Suggestions need to be send by email until the 30.06.2010. These suggestions will be sorted and afterwards published for a voting. The final chart will be send to the LCD Team.
  • For easier handling the suggestions should be aligned to the description of the BrickLink catalogue: http://www.bricklink.com/catalogTree.asp?itemType=P
  • Suggestions only will be accepted in a color which is still in production. So e.g.”Fabuland brown” is invalid because production of this color was stoped in 1997. An overview about the actual colors could be downloaded here: http://x-brick.de/ambassador/colorpalette/2010LEGOcolorpalette.pdf

An example:

Part No: 50746
Name: Slope 30 1 x 1 x 2/3
New color: brick-yellow (tan)

The suggestions should be send to this email address: ccf@x-brick.de

EDIT: I presume that “Some optimism presumed the number one of the resulting list could end in a “color change” and might be produced in the future” means that there is a good chance that the number one element will likely appear in sets.

16 comments on “Have your say on colours

  1. retracile

    There are so many parts missing in green… like 1×1 round plate. or 1×1 plate modified with horizontal clip. or 1×1 plate modified with vertical clip.

  2. Repoort

    I think you meant to say that there are so many parts not readily available in green. All of those parts you mentions do actually exist in green, (I checked) just not in the quantities anyone would need them in.

    And yes I’m all about tan cheese.

    I would also like tree foliage in fall colors.

  3. czer

    For castle building my vote is for a bley “Slope, Inverted 45 2 x 2 Double Convex”. I would settle for some dark red roof peaks though.

  4. legocreatorguy

    “Part No: 4563695
    Name: Minifig, Headgear Helmet Army
    New color: Dark Stone Grey”

    Please please please….. :-)

  5. retracile

    @Repoort: That’s new… I looked a month or so ago and they simply didn’t exist. I notice that the modified plates are offered by exactly one seller, “studsontop”. Where’d they find these parts in the first place? They aren’t in any sets that I can find reference to.

  6. MV

    ^Yeah, those parts do exist already. I have a bunch of Green round 1×1 plates, for example. Not easy to find, but they’re def. available.

    I would love to see certain colors just simply fleshed out some. Dark Orange, Dark Green, Medium Orange, Dark Purple, Light Yellow, Dark Tan among the most “spotty” (off the top of my head).

  7. gambort Post author

    I hope you guys are actually sending these to someone who can do something. I can assure you I’m not collecting anything here ;)

  8. retracile

    @gambort: yes, though I for one was trying to use the power of suggestion to counter the “tan cheese” suggestion. :)

  9. CSF_Blake

    It’s a shame that the color still has to be in production. I would kill for an old gray cheese slope.

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