Legend of Mary Jane

The Legend Of Mary JaneThe legend, according to Luke Watkins, is that poor Mary Jane was accused of witchcraft and thus disposed of in the usual manor. His creation features the homes near the site of the fire, complete with the townsfolk. The whole creation is just spot on, with the colors and the chaos.

Edit (AB): So nice we blogged it twice

6 comments on “Legend of Mary Jane

  1. dshaddix

    wow, this thing must be shit hot to get blogged as often as it is. It’s going to be like how Nannan gets the ‘Featured MOC’ (MOTD) on MOCpages for like nine days running. Remember Nannantober?

  2. sqiddster

    I believe you mean ‘disposed of in the usual manner‘.
    (sorry, but it just stuck out ;))

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